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Ofir Farchy

Ofir Farchy

CTO & Co-Founder at Lynx.MD


An R&D manager with over 15 years of software development and research experience. Highly experienced in building and leading R&D organizations.

I was one of the first developers in a Sequoia-funded company and grew with it to lead 25 people in 3 teams as Director of Engineering.
Followed by the quest of making machines understand (my) sarcastic figure of speech, I was drawn into the worlds of NLP and ML. When leading research for Taykey, I developed entity recognition and sentiment analysis algorithms for analyzing trends in billions of data objects. I've been said to be a practical algorithm engineer, who finds creative solutions for otherwise challenging problems.
An all-arounder who codes for fun, follows academic NLP advancements, but also enjoys the occasional cooking blog :-)

My philosophy for good management is: lead by example, push people outside of their comfort zone, and don't get in their way to excellence.
An entrepreneur at heart with a desire to make a dent in the world and impact as many lives as I can.


  • Frontend Development Team Leader (Taykey)
  • Co Founder & CTO (emedgene)
  • Director of Engineering (Taykey)
  • Founder and CEO (doXai)
  • CTO & Co-Founder (
  • CTO & Co-Founder (Lynx.MD)


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