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Or Maayan

Or Maayan

Software Development Group Leader at IDF Navy


I am Or, 29 years old, living in Haifa.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from the Technion in 2014 And my master's degree in Systems Engineering From the Technion in 2020.

Currently serving in the IDF as a Software development department leader, managing 20-25 software engineers & programmers.

My main development project consists design & implementation of client-server and micro-services architecture system, working in C#, Node.js, MongoDB at backend side and managing frontend development in angular 7.

Additionally, my developing experience consists building DDS communication framework in c++ & managed c++, User desktop applications in C# (.Net, Wpf, Web API).
I expertises the DDS standard and RTPS wire protocol.
Works well with Wireshark.
Experienced with swig tool inorder to wrap the DDS framework API for Java.
I am experienced with lecturing and guiding customers and servicing different developing client's teams (developers, system engineers, testers).

Mostly developed and managed in scrum methodology, working with tfs.
Experienced with tools such as git, tfs, jenkins, etc.

I have great communication skills, working and co-operating with colleagues and superiors.

Searching for jobs that will suit my passion to lead, initiate and contribute in big teams and have a wide sense of influence in the place I work.


  • Software Group Lead (Israel Defense Forces)
  • Software Team Lead (IDF - Israel Defence Forces)
  • Software Engineer (IDF - Israel Defence Forces)


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