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Ori Rosenthal

Ori Rosenthal

Data Scientist at SKF Group

Tel Aviv

Freelance data science generalist, applying machine learning to solve business problems.

My Story:
Having a significant financial markets background, in particular, developing quantitative strategies and managing trade and risk, I decided three years ago to extend my skills through computer science programming, statistical modeling, and Machine learning with in-depth studies and practical experience using Python.

My aim is to use my experience in algorithms, data mining, risk and reward, business understanding, and decision-making to improve other fields with data-driven solutions.

During this time, I have been engaged in a number of projects, including:
- Developed volatility ML algorithm for daily automatic use for a leading hedge fund. 
- Built a simulation, optimization, and analytics data app for an AI start-up. 
- developed a cloud-based data app for monitoring model testing results to one of the largest public companies in the world.
- Testing and improving current models with new approaches (meta labeling, ML cross-section).

Skills include:
* Expertise in Quantitative Finance Analysis, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistics, Data-engineering, Classification algorithms, Regression algorithms, Clustering, Matrix Factorization, Anomaly detection, Time series, Feature engineering, Feature selection, PCA, NLP, Data scraping, Data manipulation, and Data Visualization.
* Python programming with hands-on experience in the Python Data Science Toolbox (Pandas, NumPy, SKlearn).
* Web scraping, data cleaning & manipulation techniques, exploration, and analyzing unstructured data to discover trends, patterns, and predictive models (ML)
* Cloud knowledge on AWS, Azure.
* Business-minded with the ability to deliver valuable insights via advanced data analytics.
* Advanced statistics (Probability Distributions, Regressions, Bayesian statistics, Correlations, etc.)
* Highly motivated with critical thinking, curiosity, creativity, and excellent communication. team player.

For more information, please visit my website,


  • Data Scientist (SKF Group)
  • Freelance Data Scientist (Self-employed)
  • Fund Manager & Quantitative Developer (privately held equity fund)
  • Senior Equity and Derivatives Trader (Barak Capital)
  • Nostro account management & trader (Shrem Fudim Group Ltd)


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