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Pankaj Soni

Pankaj Soni

System Architect @ myYogaTeacher

South Delhi, Delhi

Love creating Real Time Mobile first systems.

- 13 years experience in Architecting technology solutions from ground up.
- Managing multiple projects with cross functional teams both onsite & remote.
- Skilled in Large Scale, Distributed, Highly Available, Reliable, Fault Tolerant, Cloud Solutions.
- Strong skills in Golang, Erlang, Swift, Android, Python, Java.


  • Erlang Engineer (Rivier Technologies Pvt.Ltd.)
  • Software Architect - Erlang (Rivier Technologies Pvt.Ltd.)
  • Erlang Engineer (myYogaTeacher)
  • System Architect (SyncMedia & Adtech )
  • Technical Lead (Wafer Messenger)
  • System Architect (SYNCMEDIA & ADTECH )
  • Lead Architect (Wafer Messenger)
  • Senior Software Architect (myYogaTeacher)
  • Chief Technology Officer (Software Joint Pvt. Ltd.)


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