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Paul Samuels

Paul Samuels

Network, Mobility, & Management Consultant

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

An Expert in 5G, WiFi, IoT and Cloud-Managed Mobile Networks Engineering, and Wireless Business Development Strategies. Possesses in-depth knowledge and professional work experience in the design, development and deployment of advance Mobile Wireless and IP Broadband Data & Voice Networks. A very analytical engineering professional, with strong business acumen.

The earning of Engineering and Finance Business degrees, combined with over 20 years of solid professional work experience have enabled Paul to be a Subject Matter Expert in the areas of Engineering Mobile Network Architectures, Mobile & IP Business Analytics and Development.

Paul has worked for several Fortune 50 Tier-1 Telecom Carriers (ILECs), Wireless Service Providers (WSPs), Wireless OEMs, and Systems Integrators. Having worked in the Wireless Systems Engineering & Business Strategy Development, IP Network Engineering, and Fiber Optics Networking sectors, Paul has an end-to-end Telecom system and industry knowledge base that has been consolidated over the past 2 decades.

Paul’s ongoing focus and specialization is on solving difficult global problems for enterprises, and governments - including in the healthcare, education, and food retail sectors by architecting strategic business and engineering technical mobile connectivity solutions. These allow enterprises, governments, and all their end-user clients to be able to access services, data and information, and the Internet from virtually anywhere.

Work From Home (WFH), quality Distance Learning, and Mobile VPN connectivity regardless of location are key ongoing solutions that Paul Samuels is developing. Paul enables these solutions by designing, and developing the deployment of Cloud-Managed Mobile Wireless Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) over 5G, 4G, advanced Wi-Fi, and BLE Beacons, as required.


  • IT Management Consultant (Kyndryl)
  • Senior Wireless Architect (IBM)
  • Principal Consultant (MOI)
  • Pre & Post Sales Solutions Engineer (Black Box Network Services)
  • Enterprise Mobility Consultant (American Airlines)


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