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Pavel Raliuk

Pavel Raliuk

Software Engineer at Meta (Whatsapp)

London, England

I like math and science... and because I am a little bit lazy person, I prefer to leave boring computation to machine. I thinks this is very usefull skill, and I already have invested 15+ years improving it (as Software Engineer and mostly using .NET/C#, and sometime C++, Java, Python).
I am inspired by Artificial Intelligence (and not only popular now ML, but STRIPS, Behavior Tree, FSM, Reinforcement learning and etc) and gamedev (I even have my own published indie game!), but my production experience is mostly about web-services, desktop and mobile apps.


  • Software Engineer (Viber Media, Inc.)
  • Software Engineer (Agfa)
  • Senior Software engineer (EPAM Systems)
  • Software Engineer (Meta)


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