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Pavol Sedlak

Pavol Sedlak

Delivery Manager at MoroSystems

Slovak Republic

I studied IT on high school and then on University. I went through developer positions from junior to senior, worked with back-end and also front-end technologies, promote to the Team Lead position. Then I moved more to the manager positions like Delivery manager and People manager. This needed different skillset than I was used to and studied for years. So I started reading books about leadership, how to work with people and personal development. Those books changed my worldview for better. Most influential books for me were: Thinking fast and slow, Grit, Mindset, Radical Candor, The lean startup, Never split the difference, Power of habit, Getting things done (here's my goodreads profile

So that's me :)


  • Senior Java Developer (PosAm)
  • Team Lead (MoroSystems)
  • Senior Java Developer (MoroSystems)
  • Delivery Manager (MoroSystems)


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