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Peter Goth

Peter Goth

Managing Director, FSI, Business Applications at Microsoft

Toronto, Ontario

I have a passion for solving very complex business problems using transformational solutions. With a diverse background of business, technology, education and public service, I bring a unique lens to the table. I am an excellent communicator and strive to truly understand the impact that digital transformation will have on an organization.

Comfortable talking at both the "C" level business impact and deep into the technical weeds, I often challenge organizations to think differently about the risks and opportunities that are in front of them. I have direct experience in Financial Services, Transportation, Public Sector, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Education.


  • Practice Manager (Infusion Development)
  • Trustee (Limestone District School Board)
  • Managing Director, FSI, Business Applications (Microsoft)
  • Chief Architect (Infusion)
  • Senior Account Manager (Infusion)
  • National Services Solutions Specialist (Microsoft)
  • Global Black Belt - Dynamics (Microsoft)
  • CEO (CoEnterprise, LLC)


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