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Peyton Sumner

Peyton Sumner

Senior Consultant for Digital Transformation at Booz Allen Hamilton

Washington, District of Columbia

A strategic designer with a passion for new ventures, my name is Peyton Sumner and I am a creative thinker. My story began on a rural farm in southern Georgia. A child with an entrepreneurial mindset, my passion was always to create. In 2015, I made the big move to New York City in pursuit of an education that would fuel my dreams. Since graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2018, I’ve spent the past four years hard at work developing products rooted in financial services and national defense. I believe that a multidisciplinary perspective is the best way of viewing the world. Most recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to bring that multidisciplinary perspective to the Global Defense Group at Booz Allen Hamilton. - I live by three rules: I approach all of the projects I face through a cultural, technical, and innovation-focused lens. I believe life is about the journey, not the destination. Finally, I strive to contribute something positive, whether it be small or large, to the world around me every single day. - I hope to contribute value to each journey I take on with creativity, ambition, and a desire to create positive growth.


  • Design Consultant (Senior Thesis) (Viacom)
  • Internship (ARTech Holdings, LLC)
  • Senior Consultant for Digital Transformation (Booz Allen Hamilton)
  • Senior Analyst of Product Development for Digital Solutions (American Express)
  • Digital Marketing & Automation Intern (DL1961 Premium Denim)
  • Associate (ARTech Holdings, LLC)
  • Analyst of Digital Solutions & Engagement Strategy (American Express)


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