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Rachael M. Andrie

Rachael M. Andrie

Senior Scientific Director at Clinical Care Options

Portland, Oregon

I am a biologist, a scientist, a teacher. My journey on this path began as a kid growing up on a river bordering Minnesota and Wisconsin, regularly visiting the family cabin in the woods ‘Up North’, and gardening with my Grandma. I couldn’t get enough of swimming, loved walking with my Grandma as she named all of the plants we saw, and even planted a garden following first grade in a field near my elementary school. Imagine my delight, when in college I discovered that I could MAJOR in studying the natural world around me!

I dove head first into the study of Plant Biology, devouring all of the courses my small liberal arts college in Wisconsin had on offer. I then embarked on a National Student Exchange to Oregon State University with its myriad of departments specifically devoted to Plant Science. I fell in love with Oregon and became fascinated with Molecular Plant Pathology, eventually returning to pursue my PhD.

During graduate school, I honed my critical thinking skills and developed a deep understanding of the world around me. I discovered plant-microbe interactions and became fascinated with mechanisms of disease pathogenesis. I explored the Pacific Northwest and grew to love swimming in its cold waters. I unearthed a passion for sharing my knowledge and love of Biology with others as a result of my experiences as a teaching assistant and mentor in the research laboratory.

As a postdoc, I ventured into biomedical research and gained a robust appreciation for human health and disease. As a result of my varied experiences, I matured into an adaptable and creative problem solver and project manager. During this time, I continued to be a research mentor, however lost touch with teaching. Thus I have recently turned to volunteer opportunities to fulfill my passion for empowering others through knowledge.

I seek career opportunities that will allow me to apply my scientific expertise and communication skills to benefit my world, community, and human health.


  • Clinical Editor (Clinical Care Options)
  • Associate Scientific Director (Clinical Care Options)
  • Scientific Director (Clinical Care Options)
  • Postodoctral Fellow/Senior Research Associate (OHSU | Oregon Health & Science University - Cardiovascular Medicine)
  • Senior Scientific Director, Oncology (Clinical Care Options)
  • Graduate Research Fellow (Oregon State University)
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow (OHSU | Oregon Health & Science University - Infectious Diseases)
  • Graduate Teaching Fellow (Oregon State University)
  • Senior Research Associate (OHSU | Oregon Health & Science University - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)


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