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Rami Abdelqader

Rami Abdelqader

Backend Java Developer @ Viber Media, Inc.

Netanya, Central

Developing a product is an exciting journey, from the very early challenges of kick starts to the welcomed challenges of live product with ever growing activities. While the product evolves:
• You need to handle non anticipated issues and unexpected behaviours
• Stability, simplicity and scale are tough items to predict
• User behaviour that is ever changing
• Some functionality is less used while other are on the rise
To overcome these challenges:
• You need the courage for revolutionary ideas while maintaining the balance of keeping the gained “knowledge” in the existing code
• You need ability to embed new technologies on a contentiously working product
• You need on-going and periodic profiling and scale up activities
• You need efficient troubleshooting and root cause analysis abilities and tools
Over and over again in my career I had the chance to prove these abilities in many aspects of developing products, leading production and leading on site deployments.

• Agile methodology and contentious deployment
• Proven ability to lead organizational changes and development processes changes
• Team’s go to leader in all aspects, technical, product and personal
• Many real life cases of innovation and OOTB thinking that lead to products breakthroughs

• Performance profiling and scale up projects, multi-threading
• Excellent design practices and testable code practices
• Excellent capabilities of root cause analysis
• Technologies: Cassandra, Java, JEE, Javaassist, Web Services, Websphere, Weblogic, Tomcat and JBOSS, SQL


  • Senior Java Developer (Business Layers)
  • Backend Java Developer (Viber Media, Inc.)
  • R&D group manager (OpTier)
  • R&D Team Leader (OpTier)
  • R&D Team Leader (Business Layers)
  • RDE Manager (HP Software)
  • Account Manager (OpTier)


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