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Raymond John Lieu (LION)

Raymond John Lieu (LION)

Solana / Polkadot / Ethereum Blockchains, Rust / Golang / TypeScript , ReactJs

Hsinchu Metropolitan Area

I want to help the current world economy via the power of Cryptocurrency and Decentralization! I am focusing on Solana and Ethereum Blockchain 區塊鏈 smart contracts with Rust and Solidity, Golang / Typescript NodeJs for backend, and ReactJs and Flutter as frontend(Android & iOS Apps & Web). I want to join this Cryptocurrency movement. Invite me on Linkedin!


  • Ethereum Smart Contract Full Stack (Self-employed)
  • Golang Developer (Machvision Inc (3563))
  • Solana Rust Smart Contract Developer (ARIES FINANCIAL)
  • Blockchain Developer (Freelance)
  • Blockchain Developer (ARIES FINANCIAL)


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