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Raz Ori

Raz Ori

Ergonomics Consulting and Training


Managment of ergonomic projects in offices and hi-tech companies. Groups and individuals trainings of the correct ergonomical principles of sitting and workstation adjustment. Prolonged sitting creates static efforts and may lead to severe pains and postural disfunctions when the sitting and workstation are not ergonomicly adjusted to the individual (which is mostly the case). Services include: Lectures, individual adjustments, furnishing and refurnishing consultation.

As a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, I specialize in changing postural habits. I hold a private clinic for physical treatments through the working of the sensory-motor system. I treat back problems, joint dysfunctioning, postural dysfunction, motor rehabilitation and more. The technique works through re-organizing the body into proper allignment and enhancing the persons awareness to the optimal workings of his musculo-skeletal system.

Specialties: Ergonomic group workshops, individual ergonomic trainings, individual hands-on treatments, feldenkrais movement group classes.

Feel free to contact me at:


  • Feldenkrais Practitioner (Clalit Health Services)
  • Owner (Raz Ori - Privatly Held Clinic)
  • Owner (Raz Ori- Ergonomics Consulting)


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