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Ricardo Marvão 🇵🇹🇫🇷

Ricardo Marvão 🇵🇹🇫🇷

Co-founder Beta-i • Entrepreneur • Connector • Multipotentialite • Firestarter • Passion for Education & Space 🚀 • Proud Father & Husband

Brussels, Brussels Region

Based in Lisbon, Beta-i was born in 2010 and is one of the main entrepreneurship and innovation organizations in Europe. We help new and established businesses grow the startup way, by running acceleration and corporate innovation programs, organizing events, promoting investment and creating great work spaces at our hub. Recognized as one of the world most active startup accelerators and by Wired Magazine as “the top incubator in town”.

Co-founder & CEO of Evolve Space Solutions (Germany and Portugal) since 2004, developing software products for the Aerospace Industry, with clients like ESA, Thales, Astrium, Inmarsat, Eumetsat, Airbus, Boeing, Embraer (acquired by Novabase in 2011). Specialties: Space industry: satellite simulators & operating systems; Earth-Observation, Scientific and Inter-planetary Missions


  • Strategic Council member (Startup Portugal)
  • Innovation Expert @ Fast Track to Innovation (European Commission)
  • EIC Jury Member (European Commission)
  • Founding Father & Partner, Portugal (European Innovation Academy)
  • Co-Founder & Head of Client Success (Beta-i • collaborative innovation)
  • Co-Founder & Lisbon Challenge Executive Director (Beta-i | Building the Innovation Ecosystem)
  • Co-Founder & Head of Global Resources (Beta-i | Building the Innovation Ecosystem)
  • Co-Founder & Head of Education (Beta-i)
  • Co-Founder & Head of Global Growth & Partnerships (Beta-i • collaborative innovation)
  • Head of Fundraising & Advisory Board Member (Native Scientist)


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