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Ricardo Zacarias

Ricardo Zacarias

Game Analytics Manager at Miniclip

Lisbon, Lisbon

Data analyst with a PhD in behavioral neuroscience, specialized in free-to-play mobile games.

Highly product-focused, I am passionate about finding stories in its data. My analytical process includes thorough research of literature, constant interaction with peers, multiple iterations of visualization, and interpretation of results that are heavily sanity-checked. Backed by a robust scientific background, I bring rigor, attention to detail in every task, and the ability to transform complex findings into compelling stories capable of captivating both technical and business audiences.

Pretty good at:
- Python
- R
- Visualization (matplotlib, plotly, highcharts, ggplot)
- Dashboarding tools (Tableau, DOMO, Shiny, dash)
- Experimental design, A/B testing analysis
- Spark
- Airflow
- Geographical Information Systems: geopandas, shapely (check my website)
- Domain knowledge of gaming (F2P mobile with features such as: daily missions, battle pass, leaderboards, piggy banks, progression, notifications, tutorials, hacking prevention and multiple social features)
- Telling stories
- Machine Learning (clustering, classification)
- Web scraping (BeautifulSoup, Selenium)
- Behavioural neuroscience


  • Postdoctoral Researcher (Champalimaud Foundation)
  • Data Scientist (Freelance)
  • Visiting Researcher (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
  • Game Analytics Manager (Miniclip)
  • Data Analyst II (Miniclip)
  • Data Analyst (Miniclip)
  • PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience (Champalimaud Foundation)


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