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Rick (Ricardo) Kaijer Alves

Rick (Ricardo) Kaijer Alves


Haarlem, North Holland

Starting my career mainly in startups (Fintech), I got exposed to a wide variety of responsibilities like; Marketing, PR, Sales, Advertisement, HR, Web Development, and Client Support.

By far the most important skill I gained is interdepartmental understanding of everyone's needs and goals.. this allowed me to improve processes and utilize this deep understanding to improve my added value and results.

My work in Recruitment has been defined by my contact with everyone involved in the process, both from a candidate experience perspective and that of the client-side.
I am a pragmatic problem solver with a strong urge to add value to every part of the recruitment process.

I believe that if you want to excel and become a master of your trade you need to understand what everyone around you does to fully comprehend the impact you can have on your environment.

By doing diligent research, personal inquiries, and a genuine interest in anything that sparks my curiosity, I am able to quickly comprehend and adapt to any situation and organisation that I work with.

Several companies I've worked with are; Liberty Global (LGI), Heineken, Shell, ING, IBM, DMC/AMC a TVT Company, Verizon, eBay (Marktplaats), Ikea, ASML, ABN Amro en Ziggo.

Specialising in several areas: Software Development (Go, Java, Scala, .NET, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Kotlin, C++, Swift, Typescript, SQL, R, embedded, and several other less-known languages), Infrastructure & Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba, Cisco, Juniper, SDN, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, F5, Storage, to name a few), Data (Data science, and engineering), UX/UI Design, Post & Pre-Sales, Testers (QA, Manual, Automated), and extensive experience with CI/CD, microservices, and containerization .

I strive to be a person I can look back at in a few years time and be proud of what I am doing right now :).

I am strongly influenced by gamification, Miyamoto Musashi's writing and I am a total geek for comics, books, games, tv shows, and film.


  • Recruiter a.i. (YoungCapital)
  • Recruiter (SkyKick)
  • Recruiter & Founder (Looking For Group)
  • Recruiter (WoodWing)
  • Senior IT Recruiter (The NextGen)


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