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Rino Finazzo

Rino Finazzo

Software Engineer presso Zopa

London, England

I am an Italian software engineer based in London.
My professional background relates to the development of enterprise micro-service platforms and big data frameworks.
I am interested on the development of modern applications with distributed architecture designs that meet the standard requirements of resilience and scalability in the cloud.
My dedication is to keep up with the evolution of production-ready languages and platforms, my current focus is the integration of higly available services using Kafka.
I have always tried to embrace a dev-ops mindset, keeping an eye out for all the deployment and testing aspects of a software component, including CI cycle management, system resources involved at run-time and issues detected with logging and monitoring tools.
In my career I have always maintained a bottom-up approach that allows me to understand where a solution can be used and which problem it solves.


  • Software Engineer (Zopa)
  • Software analyst, software architect and J2EE developer (Medprom s.r.l.)
  • Freelance Android developer (Freelance Android developer)
  • Consultant (DS Tech srl)
  • Software Engineer (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa)


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