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Rishi T.

Rishi T.

Senior Full Stack Engineer at Adthena

Romford, England

I am a motivated full-stack developer leaning towards the Frontend with a continually growing skill set, working towards a career in developing technologies that can help solve issues computationally. I am currently looking forward to enhancing my skills even further, with interests in gearing for the rise of Quantum computing, for which my expertise in Computer Science would contribute to.

I have industrial FE experience in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript ES6+ and previous academic experience in AI and game creation following game projects in Java and C++, and I am eager to learn even more.

Close attention to detail and 110% effort applied to work - In my Java and C++ modules taken during my undergraduate degree, I made high quality games using existing knowledge as well as going above and beyond the scope of the project to produce excellent results.

Strong problem solving skills developed through tackling Real-Time communication on the back-end, providing a way for clients to communicate data instantly through websockets, while also saving that data to the DB.

Proactive approach combined with a continuous drive to develop and expand my knowledge, to enhance my skills and to keep up-to-date with new tech.

Experience gained from my Masters in Cybernetics at University of Reading has helped give me a better understanding of the signal processing techniques and the mathematical processes to apply concepts of Cybernetics in a variety of professional environments such as control engineering, medicine and the study of intelligence. Combining this with machine learning (ML) and AI experience from City University, I aim to secure a position in such areas to help tackle real world problems and challenges using bleeding edge technology. Some areas I am considering are of high impact such as the growing and exciting fields of Quantum computing and nanotechnology.

Collaborative and remote working environment using Slack / Skype and screen-sharing tech to enhance pair programming, mentoring and teamwork.


  • Full-Stack Software Developer (Yossarian Lives)
  • Senior Frontend Engineer (Adthena)
  • Freelance Software Developer & Academic Writer (
  • Teaching Assistant (City University London)
  • PhD Researcher (City University London)
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer (Adthena)
  • Lead Frontend Developer (Matchbyte Consultants)


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