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Roberto Viviani

Roberto Viviani

Project Manager at QGMI

São Paulo, São Paulo

Brazilian, 55 years old, civil engineer graduated from Mackenzie University Engineering School in 1991. Post graduated in Business Administration from the University of Alto Uruguay in 1999 and Project Management from IETEC in 2001.
25 years of experience in infrastructure projects of which 10 years were spent abroad as an expatriate in Latin American countries and Africa. Besides the construction phase, I also worked conducting viability studies, presenting bidding offers, negotiating contracts, and developing new ideas.


  • Project Manager (QGMI)
  • Project Manager (Construtora Camargo Corrêa)
  • Infrastructure Consultant (Management in Engineering and Construction | Infrastructure | Bids)
  • Engineering/Planning Manager (Queiroz Galvão)
  • Contract Manager (Camargo Correa)
  • Project Manager (QGMI)


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