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Roi Illouz

Roi Illouz

Chief Technology Officer at TraderTools


Specialties: Linux, Linux Embedded, Linux Power PC, Linux RT Patch, Unix, AIX.
Bare metal programming, bootloading, environment etc: Renesas SH2, PowerPC
C/C++, STL, POSIX, Perl, Bash, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, GTK+, PEG, XGL.
RT Programming, multithreading, multicore parallel programming, networking TCP/IP, UDP, Raw Ethernet, IPV6, IPC, Web programming Server and client, AJAX.
MySQL, Oracle, Informix, SQLite.
Magic V8, V7, V5
PL/SQL developer 2000, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports


  • DevOps and Linux expert (CloudOn)
  • infrastructure team leader (Aeronautics)
  • Linux expert (Waves)
  • Chief Technology Officer (TraderTools)
  • Embedded Systems Architect (Aeronautics)
  • Team Lead (Waves Audio)
  • Senior Software Engineer and Linux expert (Waves Audio)


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