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Rosie Mastrandrea

Rosie Mastrandrea

Strategic leader enabling growth through creative problem solving, operational excellence, and commitment to empowering people

Bellevue, Washington

Walking into the manager training, I was completely unaware of how my life was going to open up in a big way and change everything about my mindset and how I interact with others.

Learning to coach people in a way that's deeply impactful is a lifelong pursuit for me and it started that day in the manager training. Listening deeply, holding space for people's thoughts and emotions, expanding people's thinking, challenging assumptions, and reflecting uncomfortable truths are all part of bringing my coaching skills to life and work, and how I show my relentless commitment to empowering people.

What I've learned in hundreds of hours of coaching people in the corporate environment is that we put up artificial boundaries around ourselves and make assumptions about what's possible. I've expanded my mindset to no longer put up those artificial boundaries and to challenge the ones I see others put up. I channel my energy and creativity into solving big problems, being an inspiring leader and increasing impact to customers and the bottom line. This is how I enable business growth.

As a business and coaching-based leader at Microsoft, I bring an open mindset to complex problems, moving the business forward by creating strategic frameworks to make sense of the ambiguous, bringing people together to harness the creativity and skills of diverse groups of people and creating operational structures to execute for impact. My coaching mindset grounds me in empowering people to learn and grow, bringing empathy and humanity to the workplace. This mindset extends to how I approach our customers by knowing them, putting them at the center of our work, and making them more effective in their lives.

My strengths include bringing new ideas, creating connection, focusing on people growth and business growth, leading through change, instilling calm and empathy


  • Chief of Staff to Microsoft CMO (Microsoft)
  • Director, Customer Experience Marketing (Microsoft)
  • Sr. Marketing Analyst (Chase)
  • Group Manager, Customer Experience Marketing (Microsoft)
  • Senior Marketing Manager (Expedia)
  • Senior Director, Sustainability Product Marketing (Microsoft)
  • Senior Director, Digital Customer Solutions (Microsoft)
  • Senior Project Manager (Dell)
  • Brand Manager (Dell)


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