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Roy Amir

Roy Amir

Product and Technology Leader | Entrepreneur


I’m curious about where humans and technology meet. How exceptional business value can be created through experiences that are driven by creativity and technology.

I love what I do. My passion is about creating future exciting realities through new and innovative products. Formulating or taking a future vision and turning it into a commercial scalable product in the hands of real users. My 20+ years of product management, business strategy and technology development experience enable me to lead and deeply understand all aspects of this creation process. Articulating and evaluating a vision, creating a highly motivated product team, getting to product-market-fit and first customers, and then scale into production and commercial success.

I embrace uncertainty and change. Together with creativity and people I believe they are at the heart of shaping future products and dealing with the challenges of growing successful commercial products. I’m good at simplifying complex things to all stakeholders and facilitating the creation of clear cross-team goals and prioritization for everyone working on the product.

I’m a creative collaborator and an integrator by nature. I lead by listening, observing, coaching, inspiring, demanding, and creating things together. I feel rewarded when I manage to help people realize their talent and achieve their goals.

I created, led and scaled world-class product and strategy teams. Product managers, interaction designers, industrial designers, user researchers, data analysts and business strategy people.

- Product lead and co-founder of two ventures
- I know how to thrive and leverage the unique value of very small to very large organizations
- Speaks customer, business, technology, exec and investors languages
- Managed both software and HW products. B2C and B2B
- Coder by training. Still sometimes I use this skill when working with engineering teams and research teams
- Strong believer in the future of immersive and mixed physical and digital interaction
- Strong believer in NoCode. Enabling people create solution without the need of developers
- I'm an executor. Get things done
- I learn, reflect, explore and always challenge myself
- Excellent interpersonal skills

Professional skills:
CPO | Product Management | Business Strategy | AI and ML | Hardware Products | Human-Agent Interaction | Software Development | Team Builder | Market Research

Domain Knowledge
AI Digital Companion | No-Code | Digital Human | MetaVerse | Automotive | Digital Health | Telecom


  • VP, Product & Strategy, Co-founder (Cloudband (now Nokia))
  • Strategy Director, BT Design and Technology (BT)
  • MBA Internship - Ecosystem Strategy (Symbian)
  • Programme Director - 21CN Cloud and Incubation (BT)
  • VP, Product Management (Cloudband)
  • Chief Product Officer, Co-founder (Intuition Robotics)


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