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Roy Udassin

Roy Udassin

Engineering Manager at Meta


I have been involved in software architecture for over 17 years, working as a full stack developer within the SaaS domain, covering all aspects of it – from databases coding and design, JAVA-based servers and up to Javascript UI, continuously seeking to deepen my technological expertise while demonstrating mentoring abilities and assuming leadership when necessary. I possess an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the way technology and software products are defined, developed, marketed and delivered, and I excel at building top-notch SaaS offerings and Cloud computing domain products.

Learning and advancing my skills while staying on top of technological trends is one of my key priorities since technology evolves at a lightning speed. Throughout the product development process, I seek to introduce practices, methodologies and frameworks that bring out the best performance and efficiency out of the product, whilst keeping in line with the high standards and expectations of all stakeholders involved. My working principle to “make it happen” means that I oversee the whole lifecycle of technological creation – from the inception of an idea to building a service that not only sells, but also creates real tangible value for customers.

I am tech-oriented in everything I do, and I see myself progressing professionally along the similar highly technical, exciting and fast-paced career path. Currently, I am a Principle Software Architect at Kenshoo, responsible for their highly successful product known as Kenshoo Social.


  • J2EE Team leader (Bamboo)
  • Software Engineer (Meta)
  • R&D - UI & Performance leader (Kenshoo)
  • CO Founder & CTO (Epona Software)
  • VP R&D (Bamboo)
  • Principal Software Architect (Kenshoo)
  • Software Engineer (RADvision)
  • Engineering Manager (Meta)


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