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Royi Benyossef

Royi Benyossef

Investment Dir. @ Samsung NEXT. BoD Observer @ Zengo, Grover & Intezer. Investor in Metrika, Cynerio, BlueVoyant, Deci AI & CellwizeLooking for seed stage startups in software products and services.


I have been an Android developer since before the first Android phone existed and proceeded to work on development for Android based tablets and TVs long before they were launched by Google so you might say i'm somewhat Android pioneer whose expertise is in non-standard Android platforms and products which involve Android internals as well as application development.

As an avid Open source enthusiast i have been Organizing events as well as blogging, speaking and mentoring on Android related topics since 2010 and it is due to the above that i am a Google developer expert since the program's inception which means that i'm not a Google employee but that Google believes that i know what i'm talking about as well as how to say it.

Outside of Android i have been a full stack developer at a projects company where i was developing mobile applications in Android as well as iOS (Objective-c) and also dabbled in server side development in PHP, Jquery and more including a few projects of mobile applications using cross platform push technologies using, XMPP and other similar protocols as a server-side, i also had other wonderful projects which granted me experience in widgets, live wallpapers, network and battery efficiency and many more exciting topics.

In the last 4 years i have been a part of a wonderful company which enabled me to grow and prosper by allowing me to manage a group of developers and QA engineers, both on site and remotely, to lead a team technologically and to build a few wonderful products from scratch including architecture, software, firmware and continuous integration design and implementation.


  • Board Observer (ZenGo)
  • Board Observer (Grover)
  • Investment Director (Samsung Next)
  • Investor (Deci AI)
  • Board Observer (Intezer)
  • Investor (Samsung Next)
  • Developer and community relation programs manager (Samsung Next)


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