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Ryan O'Connor

Ryan O'Connor

Lead Application Engineer at Ansys

Waterloo, Ontario

Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed solving problems, whether it was riddles, computer games, or math problems. If the problems are complex with many dead-ends on the way to a solution – so much the better. I don’t get frustrated, I get inspired.

Early in my working career I discovered that I also have a talent for communication and giving presentations, especially when it involves sharing information or helping others to solve problems. The thrill for me comes not so much from a good technical presentation, but from sharing knowledge with others and seeing the lights come on when something finally clicks.

In my working life so far, I have developed a deep expertise in CFD and other simulation software. I love these tools because they are such a beautiful, powerful and elegant way to solve real world problems whether to help a manufacturer make a more efficient pump or optimize how air moves around a theatre.


  • Technical Services Analyst (co-op) (ANSYS, Inc.)
  • Technical Services Engineer I (ANSYS, Inc.)
  • Engineering Student Teacher (co-op) (University of Waterloo)
  • Technical Services Analyst (co-op) (ANSYS, Inc.)
  • Senior Application Engineer, CFD (Ansys)
  • Technical Services Engineer II (ANSYS, Inc.)
  • Senior Technical Services Engineer (ANSYS, Inc.)
  • Lead Application Engineer, CFD (Ansys)


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