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Saket K.

Saket K.

Empowering organizations to transform data into knowledge

New York City Metropolitan Area

As a NY Jets fan, I learn more about persevering through failure every year. The biggest learning I have gleaned from bouts of rejection in both my fandom and academic career is that failure is inevitable. In the face of that failure, I decided that if I am going to fail it would be forward. That is my perspective on success.

And while this strategy hasn't helped fix the Jets’ Quarterback play, I have discovered quite a bit about myself. Whether it was my time prospecting and qualifying leads at Lightyear Strategies or collaborating with peers on a variety of academic projects at NYU, my experiences ignited a passion for crafting creative solutions to analytical problems that I hone every day by helping leaders get the right data to the right people at the right time as an ADR at Stardog.


  • Intern (Talend)
  • Account Development (Stardog)
  • Sales Development Fellow (SV Academy)
  • Market Development (Lightyear Strategies)
  • Senior Account Development Rep (Stardog)
  • Platinum Member (Beta Alpha Psi )


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