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Sarah Perle Benazera

Sarah Perle Benazera

Storyteller, Dialogue Facilitator and Peace Activist


I am a peace-activist, storyteller, and educator.
I offer storytelling, communication, and peacebuilding workshops for teenagers and adults.
With years of hands-on experience in international and cross-cultural dialogue, I work at the people level for a better Middle East.

In the last 10 years, I have been involved in multiple Peace and Cooperation projects, studying at the Arava Institute and participating in panels and programs about peace education and cooperation. I volunteered with Kid4Peace Jerusalem for over 2 years and worked as project manager and director at YaLa Young Leaders for over 5 years. Today I am a freelance storyteller and educator in the peace-building and cross-cultural dialogue fields.

The combination of my experience and life in different places and the work I have done organizing conferences and educating and participating in various fellowships and training enhanced my leadership qualities. I have also learned to interact positively with a wide range of people from different backgrounds.


  • Storyteller, Dialogue Facilitator and Cross Cultural CommunicationTrainer (Freelance)
  • Senior Educator and Curriculum Advisor (Jerusalem Peacebuilders )
  • Project Manager and Editor of YaLa Press (Yala Young Leaders / Peres Center for Peace)
  • Summit Day Facilitator and Activity Leader (Diplomacy and Communication in English - Ministry of Education)
  • project coordinator (Yala Young Leaders)
  • Dialogue Session co-facilitator + Communication and Storytelling workshops facilitator (The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies)


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