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Sarah Ravid, MA

Sarah Ravid, MA

I help kids to be focused and proud of themselves through the play of painting | Ramat Gan Tel Aviv

Ossingen, Zurich

Do you have kids in the house and would you love for them to

... use and develop their creative abilities
... be able to totally focus
... feel proud of themselves
... know how to enter a joyful state of mind
... be strong minded
... be considerate of others around them
... know themselves well

As a visual artist and children's psychologist and having once been a child myself 😉 I know that every little person loves to draw and paint.

Painting for kids is not art, it’s play - in the paintingplaystudio kids are painting in a small group. They paint by and for themselves in a group of others. The space with its setup, equipment and tools and the group imply certain rules and discipline. There are no suggestions as to what to paint or how to “make” a specific thing, and each painter will figure out what they want (vs complying to other people's expectations). There is no comparison, no judgment, no interpretation. I help with technical aspects and removing obstacles. I back their drive for exploration, curiosity and spontaneous expression. "The way to confidence is practice practice practice".

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  • Play of Painting (Painting Play Studio Tel Aviv)
  • Family Therapy (Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel)
  • Family Service Counselor (Community Counseling Service VSJF Zürich)
  • German Teacher (Goethe Institut Tel Aviv)
  • Clinic Manager (Spiraldynamik Institut)


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