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Sarit Arbell

Sarit Arbell

BNI Central Maryland

Washington DC-Baltimore Area

Sarit Arbell is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people grow professionally, personally and financially. This is what attracted Sarit to BNI as a venue to help others grow. Combining her knowledge and interest in people's financial and personal growth, together with her passion towards her community, Sarit enjoys visiting the chapters and support members' growth.
Sarit is a Real Estate Investor since 2012 and she improves people's lives by improving their living conditions and giving them fantastic service.

Leadership, growth, and social responsibility are Sarit Arbell's main goals. Her main motto in business and in life is Win-Win.
Sarit believes that empowering others will help to improve our world.


  • Leader and Supporter (BNI Central Maryland)
  • Owner Sarit Arbell Public Relations (Sarit Arbell)
  • Business Reporter (Maariv Israeli Newspaper Tokyo, Japan)
  • Director of Cultural Programs (Embassy of Israel, Washington DC, USA)
  • Owner (Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor)


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