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Schneider Ricardo

Schneider Ricardo

Independent Consultant (Freelance)


➢ Wide experience in Digital Marketing and International Biz Development, graduated in advanced Law and International Trade, Contracts and Public Administration degrees
➢ Proven experience leading strategic initiatives & leveraging opportunities & partnerships for WW market penetration & continuous growth
➢ Lead & optimize digital campaigns on multiple platforms; manage & prioritize teams' activities, monitor budgets
➢ Vast global experience & fluent in multiple languages; strategic biz & technological oriented; strong negotiation skills; leadership; excellent interpersonal communication
➢ Vast international contracts strategies


  • Independent Consultant (Freelance)
  • Global Senior Acquisition (eToro)
  • Executive Director (Villa Da Costa Law Firm)
  • Legal Adviser (Mann & Marionne)
  • Leader (iFOREX)
  • Leader (iFOREX)


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