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Scott C.

Scott C.


Plano, Texas

I am a proven transformational business development leader with extensive experience in managing effective sales teams, operations management, strategic planning & execution, customer experience and driving for results. I have a passion for helping both large and small companies setup and implement sales and operational initiatives that increase customer growth, improve processes and drive bottom-line revenues.

✓ Led largest yearly sales and profit in company history, growing sales year-over-year by 28.5% and increasing net margin 1.6%. These results were achieved by re-engaging sales reps and holding individuals accountable for initiating and closing opportunities.

✓ Single handedly increased company’s largest distributor business by 18%.

✓ Improved all product-line engineering on time delivery from 70% to more than 95%.

✓ Led multi-disciplinary team of engineers and CAD designers in reducing engineering errors by more than 50% ahead of goal. Reduced muni warranty by more than 50% through cross checking each job for engineering accuracy.

✓ Received the “Recipient of Specially designated Award” for outstanding leadership and results in the strategic team leadership meetings for new product implementation, inventory transition and customer specific bi-weekly performance.

Are you a progressive, forward-thinking professional who understands the real value of Strategic Sales Leadership, who would benefit from connecting with a proven, principle-based Strategic Sales and Operations Leader to help you and your company achieve your goals?

My goal is to help you achieve yours.

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☎ 469-345-4506

Transformational Business Development Leader | Operations Focused | Strategic Planning | Customer Experience | Results Driven | Collaborative Problem Solving | Contract Management & Negotiations | Electronics / Electro-mechanical Industries | Trusted Advisor | Global Manufacturing Operations | Offshoring | Sales Process Optimization | Product Management | Technical Training | Vendor Management


  • Sales Manager (Wong's Kong King International(Holdings) ltd.)
  • General Manager (Doran Manufacturing, LLC)
  • Commercial Business Manager (Xylem Inc.)
  • National Sales Manager (PICKER Components (Automotive Relays, Power Relays, Signal Relays, Solid State Relays))
  • Product Manager and Customer Satisfaction Manager (Rochester Gauges)


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