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Serge Rybalchenko

Serge Rybalchenko

Linux Engineer with C, Erlang, and scripting languages background


Being in IT industry for more than 15 years, I do my best to keep mind sharp and keen and still able to learn fast. I believe I'm open to new paradigms and views.

Specialties include, but not limited to, network design/implementation/administration, UNIX system administration, security issues, application design/development, protocol design/implementation, functional programming.

My primary everyday tools are: linux box, emacs, erlang, git, some bug-tracking (ticket) system, unit and property testing, ssh for remote deployment and the main component is on my shoulders, inside the skull.


OS familiarity: Linux (debian), OpenBSD
Programming languages: C, perl, erlang
RDBMS: PostgreSQL, Mysql
VCS: rcs, cvs, subversion, mercurial, git
Testing suites: Test::More (perl), eunit, PropEr (erlang)
Networking: TCP/IP, routing, filtering, DNS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, VoIP, IPSec
Misc: LDAP, Asterisk, IPSec IKE, Maxima


  • backend developer (StrikeAd)
  • erlang developer (Mantu)
  • Linux Engineer (Hivecell)
  • Senior Software Engineer (GlobalLogic)
  • Software Engineer (ENVISIONX)


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