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Sergii Mikhtoniuk

Sergii Mikhtoniuk

Software Architect, Founder of Kamu Data

Vancouver, British Columbia

A full-stack polyglot software architect with experience ranging from embedded circuit design, compilers, computer graphics and GPGPU, to API and framework design, highly scalable distributed systems, and micro-service architectures. I use my technical leadership skills to maximize the effectiveness of the businesses, and build highly efficient teams that deliver excellence.

I'm the creator of Open Data Fabric protocol - world's first decentralized supply chain for mission-critical data.

Currently building Kamu - a company that will bring humanity's next big leap towards data-driven decision making, help the world to make sense of its growing supply of data, and enable true global collaboration around data on the same level as currently seen in software.


  • Senior Developer (INTSPEI)
  • Senior Server Programmer (Crytek)
  • R&D lab (KNURE)
  • Senior Software Architect / Technical Lead (Demonware)
  • Founder & CEO (Kamu Data)


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