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Shay Lapid

Shay Lapid

Tech Expert and DBA at IFS


I`m Expert in development methodologies.
with wide range of knowlege and out of the box thiking.

expert in application tuning and web technologies, base on traffic,messanging,SQL,memory,time consumers,IO

i have the ability to simplify complex tasks, and generate automation to common ones.

Specialties: .net 2002-2010 Expert(LINQ,Sil),c#,php,java,javascript


  • Senior developer & Perfomance consultant (Verint)
  • Tech Expert (Astea International)
  • Senior developer & Perfomance consultant & Software architect (AllJobs)
  • Senior developer (Toptix)
  • R&D Manager (Hand On) (Columbus application provider)
  • Tech Expert and DBA (IFS)


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