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Shayne Judkins

Shayne Judkins

Senior Software Engineer at Optum

Smithville, Tennessee

• Over 32 years of experience in IT, knowledgeable and experienced with all aspects of IT.
• Over 26 years in Software Development, including the following years of experience: 18 - Web Development; 13 - C#, SQL Admin, T-SQL, .NET Frameworks; 11 - SQL Reports, Crystal Reports; 9 - JavaScript; 7 - REST, AJAX, C, Shell Scripts; 5 - VB, Java (J2EE and JSP); 4 - jQuery, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Angular, React, Vue.js, Perl, Python, C++, PHP, Node.js, .Net Core, Docker, Azure; 2 - Openshift, Jenkins.
• Passionate about Development, learning new tools, frameworks and methodologies.
• Experience designing, managing, leading and developing many Projects of various sizes.
• Biggest assets are: experience, problem solving ability, thirst for learning, flexibility and skills.


  • Senior Software Engineer (Optum)
  • Systems Engineer (SHIROKI North America, Inc.)
  • Freelance/Consultant (SJ Solutions)
  • Senior Application Developer (Lochinvar Corporation)
  • Senior Programmer/Analyst (Ingram Content Group)


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