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Stéphane Piqué

Stéphane Piqué

I believe the world would be a better place if people find their way out of the jungle of biased health information to what really helps them.

Uetikon, Zurich

Having turned 50 in 2021, I wanted to do something impactful and transformational, and like everyone my age, make the world a better place for our society and especially our kids! I was fortunate to have a fantastic idea with some friends and to turn this idea into reality. This represents for me a once-in-a-life opportunity.


  • Founder (carecircle AG)
  • Founder & Operations Lead (carecircle)
  • Industry X Lead Switzerland and Industry X Sales Lead in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (Accenture)
  • Vice President EMEA Operations (Intelligent Health Association)
  • Founder and COO (International RFID Business Association (RFIDba))
  • Advisory Board Chairman (AIPIA)


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