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Stanislav Kolenkin

Stanislav Kolenkin

Senior Solution Architect

Irpen', Kiev

OS's - FreeBSD, Linux ( RH, Centos, FC, Gentoo, Ubuntu ) ,OpenBSD, NetBSD.
Services - mail : Qmail, Exim, Postfix, Sendmail, Vpopmail, Courier;
dns: bind, powerdns, djbdns;
rdbms: postgresql, oracle, mysql, interbase, mssql;
firewalls: ipfw, ipf, pf, iptables;
ipsec & vpn: ipsec + racoon via tun and gif, pptp pppoe via mpd, vtun, openvpn.
IDS - snort, prelude.
app. servers and serverlet containers - tomcat;
revision control system's - cvs, svn, git;
directory services - ldap;
virtualization - Vmware, jail, xen, openvz, kvm, virtualbox, vagrant, aws, google cloud, docker, docker swarm, kubernetes;
Monitoring - nagios, zabbix, cacti, SNMP, rrdtools, mrtg, self developed software.
iptelephony - asterisk ( SIP, EAX, H323 ) .
Network - ethernet, leased lines, xDSL, RadioEthernet ( WiFi ), openvswitch.
Routing - BGP, OSPF.
FTP: vsftpd, proftpd with MySQL integration, ftpd, pure-ftpd.
Programming languages - sh, perl, c, php, sql.
Equpment - Trade equipment, Network equipment, Communication equipment, Telephony, Server hardware ( x86, sparc ) .
Working with RIPE database
CI: jenkins

Specialties: System Administrator, Network Administrator, Unix Administrator


  • Operations Team Engineer (Mirantis)
  • Deployment Engineer (Mirantis)
  • Senior Solution Architect/DevOps Manager (ProfiSea)
  • Cloud Architect in Critical Services (SoftServe)
  • Senior DevOps in Critical Services (SoftServe)
  • Senior DevOps (Lohika)
  • Senior DevOps (DataArt)


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