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Stas Bogopolsky

Stas Bogopolsky

Applications Coordinator & Business Analyst at Rotem Industries

Beersheba, Southern

Hey, I'm Stas.
Today I’m Working as an Industrial Engineer in the Information systems field and I Make Things Happen!

My first steps in my career’s journey started as a student in Industrial Engineering. By the end of the second year of my studies, the other students in the industrial engineering department and I needed to decide what direction we should take – the easy way or the challenging way. At this exact moment, I knew my decision would start creating my future. I knew that the challenging way will be harder, but the passion for Information Systems overpowered the fear of failure.

In my third year as a student, I started a position in Project Management in a wonderful small family business that manufactures Engine Bearings. As part of my many responsibilities, my teammate and I created an automation process for the warehouse department that helped the company make the right decisions in their work processes. With this Accomplishment, they started to be able to send their finished products right on time and manage the In-house storage more efficiently.

By working there, I learned the importance of Creating and Knowing your Data and with this knowledge, I proceeded to my next position as Data Analyst in a Credit Card Company.

My main goal in this position was helping two big figures, Cal Ltd. credit card company and Shufersal, one of the oldest and the largest supermarket companies in Israel. In addition to my day-to-day job, one of my greatest achievements in this position was that I created a very important and interesting analysis of the credit card users that not only helped the two businesses but also helped the clients themselves. Being able to use my knowledge and help all the Levels, from the “smallest user” to the company’s CEO’s was intense and truly satisfying.

With all the information that I gathered and learned on my journey, I looked for my next challenge and found it in the company that I’m in today.

My previous roles created my new “identity” that combines all my abilities with my present position. Today I’m working as an Applications Coordinator and Business Analyst in Rotem Industries.

With the company CIO, we're responsible for all the Information Systems in the company. If there is any process that involves using information systems we are there, helping the company to make the best and right decisions.

If there is a role that you think is challenging for your company and you are looking for the right person that will make it easier and more efficient, I’m your guy.


  • Telemarketing Agent (HOT)
  • Associate Support Consultant (Allscripts dbMotion – Population Health Management Solutions)
  • Data Analyst (G-STAT)
  • Applications Coordinator & Business Analyst (Rotem Industries)
  • Project Manager & ERP Implement - Industrial Engineering (King Engine Bearings)


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