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Stefan Ahrens

Stefan Ahrens

Senior Enterprise Account Executive (Ecommerce | Digital Transformation | Data Syndication | SaaS)

Mamaroneck, New York

Former Olympic athlete with strong drive for excellence, hard work ethic combined with a healthy dose of humor. Over 15 years’ combined experience as sales and client success executive in the SaaS, logistics and creative arena. Respected, trusted, result-oriented, creative business professional with an entrepreneurial spirit who enjoys building successful teams, and meeting ambitious goals.

I know what excellence looks like, I know what it feels like, and for better or for worse this is who I am. I strive for excellence in myself.

But this strive for goals to be mastered and then achieved was cultivated from a young age when I was recruited to be a future Olympian and champion at seven years old in the former GDR (East Germany). I was not the only child to be placed on this path, but I became one of the few who was not distracted from my goals.

What I found through discipline and hard work was the rewards of traveling the world, meeting people who shared my ambition and drive while having fun doing it. With the Olympic games and my athletic career behind me, I’ve had to find different ways to focus my identity. Easier said than done, believe me my family can attest to this. I’ve created a unique Carbon Credit gift product, I’ve climbed the highest ranks of high impact sales and customer success teams, and I’ve nurtured my wife’s entrepreneurial spirit.

What I found in all these unique experiences from Olympic Athlete , Small Business COO, Entrepreneur to the Managing Director of dynamic sales teams is I love the process. I feel at home and at my best when I am working with individuals to create and realize a common goal. This is not ego work, this is the work of the individuals who set their sights on a target as a team, creating a path to achieve that goal, reach that target, reassess and set the next goal. Be it sustainability of achievements reached, or a total new direction. I love leading and contributing to goals. It never tires me, it is my identity, and always will be.


  • Senior Enterprise Account Executive (Productsup)
  • Managing Director/Senior Key Account and Enterprise Account Executive (SaaS) (Meltwater)
  • Managing Director / VP Sales (Robertson Forwarding Company dba RFC Logistics)
  • Graphic Designer (Cre8tiv Juice Advertising Group)
  • Sales Manager (SaaS) (Meltwater Group)
  • Director New Business Development & Marketing (RFC Logistics)


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