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Sushanth Krishnaswamy

Sushanth Krishnaswamy

Engineering Manager at Octane | I love experimenting, learning and implementing :)

New York City Metropolitan Area

Passionate about technology, and leaving things better than i found them.

I have an academic background in electrical engineering, and cybersecurity. I have a professional background in software development where i've developed, debugged, and managed multiple areas of a software system, and its development lifecycle.

I'm currently an Engineering Manager at Octane, working with exceptional people to build an awesome experience for consumers who are looking to finance a wide range of assets.

Within the organization, I was previously an IC ( Software Engineer ) and also had the opportunity to work as the scrum coach on my team for a few months. I love using technology to solve problems and connect people with their passion, and we are doing just that at Octane! Reach out to me if you are interested to learn more!

On a personal level, i strive to always continue learning and experimenting with tech that i've not used before. I've recently started to explore programming in Rust, dabbling in data consistency and design patterns of microservices, and microframeworks such as fast-api, and flask.

Other than the software world, i love to play and listen to music ( I play piano, and recently have gotten into GeoSynth, which is an iOS app for making music, which is really cool! ). I also love to tinker with phones and gadgets and be caught up with the latest in tech. I love going on long fast walks, exercising, exploring new coffee shops, and cooking different types of food.

My favorite thing to do when i'm feeling anxious is to clean my surrounding ( and also doing dishes, which is my relaxing thing everyday ), organize my thoughts, make some coffee, and work on the thing that is making me feel anxious!

I want to make this world a better place using the tools at my disposal - tech, humanity, and laughter. Please reach out to me if you are interested to know more about me, or about the company i'm working at! :)


  • Engineering Manager (Octane)
  • IT Consultant (CPAC, Inc)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Octane)
  • Software Engineer (Heartbeat Health, Inc.)
  • Senior Software Engineer (MakeCents)
  • Software Engineering intern (Digital Remedy)


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