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Svetlana Polkovnikova

Svetlana Polkovnikova

EXECUTIVE - ENTREPRENEUR - BUSINESS OWNER - LEADER Principal Owner and Founder of VOICECOM and VC International, leading developers of speech recognition engine in Russia and Israel.

I am an Entrepreneur and Executive with over 15 years of managerial experience. My experience includes concrete strategic planning for company growth, especially in IT markets, management of operational and financial activities of big companies, developing company's commercial policies and identifying profitable markets and development for grand companies.
I am further the head of VOICE COMMUNICATION (VOICECOM). VOICECOM is one of the leading My companies in Russia specializing in the development of speech recognition engines, outsourcing contact center, and solutions for developing speech technologies, AI and business process automation. Our company has the resources of a fundamental scientific mathematical base, as well as its own R & D department engaged in research in the field of artificial intelligence. This has led us to a significant breakthrough in the quality of speech recognition and voice biometrics. We are in the TOP-10 of leading companies in the call center market in Russia. Our clients include the largest Russian corporations: Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Aeroflot, Russian Railways, MTS, Vimpelcom (Beeline), Rostelecom, Rosatom, Rosseti.
Under my supervision, the company has implemented a number of innovative solutions for our partners by creating unique systems based on the integration of speech technologies, AI, database collection and processing, which are unprecedented on the Russian market. This has led to a need for over 2000 employees and has growing need as we are currently planning an expansion into the international market, and creating cooperations with American, European, and Israeli companies.
As an executive I have led VOICECOM to win various prestigious industry awards as well as filing for its own patents for technologies we have developed over the years. VOICECOM and VC International are well on their way to become globally leading companies under my management.


  • Founder, Principal owner, General Manager (VC International)
  • Founder, Principal owner, CEO (Voice Communication)
  • Chief Commercial Officer (НАРИ)


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