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Sylwia Raczyńska

Sylwia Raczyńska

Investment Advisor; Investor Relations

Vechta, Lower Saxony

Sylwia Raczyńska is an Investment Advisor with 30 years of experience in international corporations.
Sylvia received a number of licenses and certificates including Candidates for Investment Advisor Diploma by Association of Brokers and Investment Advisors (2008), Warsaw, Poland. She also passed a state examinations in the Ministry of the Treasury obtaining Diploma of Supervisory Board Members of Polish State Treasury Companies (1998), a state examination to render book keeping services organized by the Ministry of Finance (2002), Sylvia completed specialized courses including Chief Accountants course by Polish Accountants Association (1995), a courses on special economic zones, controlling and budgeting, stock exchanges and NewConnect, alternative capital market at the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Sylvia has developed her interest in economic psychology and behavioural sciences completing post graduate training including psychology and behavioural finance, sales psychology and NLP/NLS, introduction to neuro-linguistic programming, management by objectives, cross-cultural public speaking, negotiations, etc.

Sylwia Raczyńska have a portfolio of contacts 
30,000 people:
* Owners and management of global investment
 banking and retail banks;
* Owners and management of global funds 
and societies;
* Investment advisors and brokers from around 
the world;
* Owners and management of global sales 
* Owners and management of stock exchanges 
and authorized advisers;
* Institutional and private investors,
Family Office, Conglomerates, Industry Clusters;
* Customers & Partners & Distributions Healthy 
Lifestyle, Fitness, Sport etc.
* Aristocracy from all over the world,
* Embassies and Chambers of Commerce and
Industry around the world.

I will accept cooperation as a partner in investment banking, investment funds and projects related to the real estate industry, health and beauty, and sports etc.

Investor Relations
Sylwia Raczyńska
phone: +48664990791
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  • Founder (MAJORA.COM.PL Sp. z o.o.)
  • Private Investor (Medicolux Europe S.A.)
  • Founder, President of the Management Board (Syllaco Consulting LLC)
  • Founder (Prestige Venture Capital LLC)
  • Prokurent / Chief Accountant (Fiscal Solutions Limited Buzzacott Group (UK))


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