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Thiago Passos

Thiago Passos

Android Developer

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

I'm an Android Developer and I really like what I do. Beeing a tech nerd and envolved with Android since my first Android Phone in 2010, I've became an developer in 2014. Since then I'm always evolving on my career, learning about development good pratices, new technologies, product vision and user experience working on apps that surpasses 10 million downloads.

As a professional, I dedicate to my job and I put all my efforts to deliver high quality work. I like to meet new people and learn with them, and teamwork is essential for me.

As an Android developer, I'm always researching about how can I improve my projects, what is the new stuffs available from Google, what developers are doing, reading new articles from Medium or Reddit, etc.

And let's talk about some skills: Java, Kotlin, code quality, code architectures like MVP or MVVM, unit tests, asynchronous tasks with Kotlin Coroutines and RxJava, REST services, relational databases like MySQL, PostgresSQL and SQLite, non relational databases like Firebase or Redis, Git with git flow, scrumm, kanban board.


  • Senior Android Developer (Invillia)
  • Information Technology Assistant (Rede Franciscanas)
  • Student Researcher (UNIRIO)
  • Internship Program (Mobicare)
  • Android Developer (Mobicare)
  • Specialist Software Engineer - Android (Invillia)


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