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Tim Strube

Tim Strube

Business Development, Communications, Media and Marketing Specialist

Tighes Hill, New South Wales

Communications have evolved. Today, conversations, public and internal, can and should be started anywhere, by anyone. This holds tremendous opportunity for any organisation with internally cohesive and transparent narratives empowering people to adopt key language in their own voice.

Advertising, marketing, public relations, business development, sales… all are forms of communication focused on starting a purposeful conversation.

To pursue this conversation, the one critical element most often overlooked is listening.

Without it, we are left with preaching and lecturing, an approach not conducive to conveying messages or developing business.

For any communication to be influential, messages have to be real and offer value. They must be anchored in strong ideas to become part of an evolving conversation.

Get the conversation right and your message can move opinion and support change and growth.

Over the last 20 years I have held a range of senior positions where I successfully developed and deployed a wide range of complex and diverse communications, marketing and business development strategies.

I have extensive expertise in the deployment, management and leveraging of content for both internal and external communications, change comms, stakeholder engagement as well as for marketing and business development purposes, in support of tactical or strategic objectives, across many platforms.

I am experienced working in and across traditional, digital and social media channels. I have delivered comprehensive ‘conversation’ solutions ranging from listening (f.i. media monitoring), multi-channel analytics, and training.

My typical engagement includes:
• comprehensive market analysis with direct input from relevant stakeholders
• development of key message points to underpin and launch the conversation
• empowering team members and stakeholders to own and support the efforts directly
• supporting ongoing, inclusive, transparent and engaging conversations

To start a conversation, please contact me.


  • Co-founder (Talking Head Media)
  • Co-founder (Ecozean)
  • Global Business Development & Marketing (Rotacaster Wheel)
  • Global Business Development (Lucky Earth)
  • Global Business Development (Rotacaster)


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