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Tomas Santandreu Polanco

Tomas Santandreu Polanco

Google CE, Analytics Specialist, Google Cloud at Google

San Francisco Bay Area

Many technology firms assume that the key to winning the data race is to hire several data scientists. While this is not entirely wrong – we need people to analyze the data – nor is it entirely correct. Effective use of data requires developing a culture of experimentation, in which people are able to develop and test their ideas at will. In turn, that requires the ability for people to quickly get to the data they need so they can test or analyze it.

So how do you make your data run smoothly? How can you enable your data scientists to skip the data access and data prep, so they can get straight to the analysis? You’ll need a solid, well-maintained data infrastructure.

This is where I come in to develop infrastructure systems, implement data analytics initiatives and build business intelligence reports, and help data scientists and data warehousing specialists with creating data pipelines and establishing the necessary IT policies and boundaries. As a senior data engineer, my skills also include:

• Designing and implementing business intelligence solutions using 3rd-party and in-house reporting tools and dashboards that can translate operational or device data into actionable insights and new business opportunities.
• Optimizing and redesigning data architecture to support the next generation of digital product and data initiatives, and supporting data-driven analytics tools and databases through machine learning and artificial intelligence tools
• Translating complex data into actionable business insights for stakeholders across product, engineering, and cloud infrastructure teams while measuring data pipeline KPIs for platform features and tool development initiatives.
• Developing and implementing analytical data infrastructure tools in order to access, gather, analyze and produce insights from multiple organizations that require coordination of several data sources, teams, and infrastructure.
• Building relationships with stakeholders and executives that drive key business decisions, while managing communications with cross-functional teams that rely on my data outputs to measure success and set strategy.

Thanks for viewing my profile. Please feel comfortable to reach out and connect. I look forward to getting to know you better, sharing ideas, experiences, and insights on how data engineers can better design, implement and support an analytical data infrastructure. Have a great day!


  • Principal Business Intelligence & Data Platform Architect (DesignMind)
  • Senior Business Intelligence Consultant – Data Platform Services (Microsoft)
  • Google CE, Analytics Specialist, Google Cloud (Google)


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