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Tommy Karyukin

Tommy Karyukin

Technical Director at EDISON Software Development Centre

Chino Hills, California

• 25+ years software development experience
• 50 man-years experience in initial stage software development management
• Project management experience with a total labor contribution of 0.01 to 100+ man-years
• Full-scale software development management: establishing client requirements, planning, modeling, code and documentation development, testing, implementation, support, monitoring, iterative approach
• Mobile applications and games development. Websites, network server applications, e-commerce solutions, electronic devices, client-server applications, electronic document circulation systems, enterprise portals, databanks, data storage formats, audio/video- rendering filters, desktop applications, data bases, measuring systems, energy auditing systems etc.
• Headhunting, recruiting and motivation of talented and experienced software developers
• Arrangement of contracts and agreements, remotely via the internet
• Management of both small and large teams
• Experience of designing information systems
• Business process formalisation and optimisation: targets, requirements, usage scenarios, models
• Labor contribution analysis for the purposes of selecting the most suitable economic environment, development tools and frameworks
• Financial support of a software development project
• Project planning, maintenance and monitoring using the latest equipment and methods
• Sound knowledge of enterprise management accounting methodology

Specialties: Skilled in economics, computer science, mathematics, natural sciences, and psychology

Please see the portfolio for more information. Do not hesitate to contact me to share information or simply stay in touch.


  • Sales Director (EDISON Software Development Centre)
  • CEO (Alive Systems)
  • Founder (EDISON Software Development Centre)
  • Technical Director (EDISON Software Development Centre)


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