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Valentin Novikov

Valentin Novikov

General and Crisis Management (GM, CEO). Experienced at driving organizations to growth by building a performing leadership team, focusing energy at the growing areas, finance planning and control, relationship.

Moscow, Moscow

Performance-driven leader, corporate entrepreneur encouraging to overachieve, ready to take responsibility and work under high-load.

- Organizational transformation. Experienced at driving changes across the organization:
- Qtech - acting as Sales Director successfully changed the organization structure and processes: sales, marketing, technical support, logistics. Redefined a business processes and practices. Introduced finance planning. Redefined goals and motivation.
- FMCG/Retail: transformed sales/marketing operations of bread manufacturing plant as Deputy General Manager;
- Ostec-EC - transformed the organization, collected a completely new team working at full speed, performing good; Rebuild a portfolio of technical solutions and strategy;

- Experienced Regional Sales Director, managed sales offices more than 10 years
- Managed Regional/CIS business of NVision Group as a deputy manager of department, QTech sales team, F6 Networks and Calix Network local partner and direct sales;
- Created multiple highly-competitive effective sales teams, fostered collaboration, knowledge transfer and improved processes;

- Reputed telecom professional 16 years. Wide network of connections on C-level in Russia, CIS and Mongolia. 10 years of system integration experience, 6 years of vendors experience;
- Likes the role of technical visionary;

- Open-minded person driven by challenge

Key skills:
- focus organization energy on strategic changes;
- build a leadership team and make it performing;


  • CIS Sales Department, deputy director. (NVision Group)
  • Regional Sales Manager, Director of office, Russia / CIS / Mongolia. (Calix, Inc (NYSE: CALX))
  • Deputy director of Telco sales department - CIS countries (NVision Group)
  • General Manager (Ostec Microelectronics )
  • Commercial Director (Head of Sales) (Qtech)
  • SP Sales Director Russia (F5 Networks)


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