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Valeriy Klamm

Valeriy Klamm

Siberian photographer and blogger - unique visual archive


Siberia from the inside - Places you've never been and the life you'll never touch. Daily reality of RuRu/RuralRussia,“simple stories of simple heroes in simple circumstances”.
Key project: 'Birthmarks on the Map' - photo blog community devoted to Russian provinces + travelling exhibitions, aimed at documenting provincial daily life (article in English about the project here , multimedia presentation - ).
I believe there is something beyond the current crazy political agenda; the basic human interest in simple common things. I see a potential mission in imagery like mine being able to offer a fresh perspective and new understanding between Russia and the outside world, away from today’s strained relations.

Professional Goals:
• to “open up Siberia” to the wider world,
• to cooperate with recognized international partners in the curatorial presentation of my images and give them a chance to “speak” to the public with the aim of selling them to fund further work;
• to launch a joint project with foreign collaborators that would involve a kind of diplomacy within photography.

Exhibitions + screen presentations:
• Birthmarks on the Map / travelling exhibition – Russia (2010-2015) – see one in 3d *Flash Player required
• Australia - HeadOn Festival (2012)-
• Australia - Ballarat International Foto Biennalle (2013)
• Angkor Photo Festival (Siem Reap)
• “Metageography” (Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow 2015 – Pushkin House, London 2017 - )
• By the Way (Metenkov House - Museum of Photography, Ekaterinburg (2016)
• Country Doctor (Novosibirsk State Scientific Library (2017)- ).


  • project' founder and editor (Birthmarks On the Map Project )
  • Siberia / Culture, programm coordinator (Open Society Foundation)
  • freelance b2b photographer (Valeriy Klamm )


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