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Victoria Gelfand

Victoria Gelfand

Lean mean "baby machine" attorney


Owner and managing partner of a preeminent law firm specializing in foreign surrogacy and family formation for different family types. Lecturer and member of various international academies and societies in the field of reproductive law. During the course of her career, starting from the very first years, won numerous precedential cases in those exceptional fields, among which:
- maternity leave for fathers (either genetic or second-parent),
- determination of paternity before the child's birth,
- precedential adoption cases and the very first parentage orders received in Israel without a home study,
- eligibility for reimbursements of surrogacy births abroad from the Social Security Institution,
- permission to use a sperm from a deceased man for procreation,
- permission for fertility treatment for a married separated woman without her husband's consent,

Was first to start providing legal assistance to Israeli couples and singles with respect to surrogacy procedures abroad. In 2007, achieved first recognition of surrogacy procedures carried out in India by the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs, creating a process that has been used for all over two thousands of children born to Israeli intended parents in other countries to this day.

Specialties: Family law:
* Surrogacy procedures abroad
* Prenuptial / postnuptial contracts
* Co-parenting agreements
* Wills
* Paternity/maternity declaration
* Adoption / parentage order
* Legal issues of Artificial insemination / IVF


  • Civil Family Rights (New Family Organization)
  • Attorney at law, Owner (Victoria Gelfand, Law Offices)


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