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Vinati Gattupalli

Vinati Gattupalli

Data Scientist at Bluestem Brands

Dublin, California

I started working with the data as a Data Scientist in ValueMomentum Software Services for about 3 years where I got an opportunity to build predictive models for predicting the customer churn for insurance companies and also conducted a risk assessment to determine the premium amount for the customers.

I deepened my knowledge in Data Science by getting a Master's degree from the University of North Texas where I also worked as a Data Science Research Intern for about two years.

I am currently working as a Marketing-Data Scientist at Bluestem Brands.

When I am not working, I watch movies and a lot of movies! I love to socialize and I enjoy interactions with people from different fields. This way I feel connected with the world and people around me.

• Programming:
Data Science: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn;
Others: Shell script (Linux), SQL, C.
• Machine Learning Skills: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Classification, Clustering, K-means, Random forests, Neural Networks, Recommendation Systems, Associative Rules, Text Mining, PCA.
• Tools & Database: Tableau, MATLAB, Jupyer Notebook, Pycharm; Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
• Packages: MS Excel, Power BI.

Contact Details :
Mail me at


  • Data Science Analyst II (ValueMomentum)
  • Data Science Analyst I (ValueMomentum)
  • Data Scientist - Marketing (Bluestem Brands, Inc.)
  • Data Scientist - Marketing (Bluestem Brands)
  • Data Scientist (Factspan Inc.)
  • Data Science Research Intern (University of North Texas)


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